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What is ZCash?

In addition to being a privacy-oriented crypto currency, ZCash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency initiative that wants to serve all areas of the global economy and set its goals in this direction.

ZCash (ZEC)?

What is ZCash? privacy is among the most important human rights issues for the team. This is very important both for the privacy of the individuals and for the privacy of the company. With its privacy-oriented  code, ZCashauthorizes its users to control their personal lyzirs. Thus, by strengthening social ties, democratic elections can be held.

How ZCash (ZEC) Works

Zec began trading on October 28, 2016 and was subjected to scientific studies by a team of scientists and hackers who specialized in the field. With these studies, which are completely related to the subject of privacy, data can be best stored. Successful results have made many of the world’s famous companies and famous investors invest in ZCash  together. Furthermore, apart from all this, a crowdfunding campaign was not organized before  ZCash was launched. Although the crowdfunding campaign was not organized, the desired successful results were still achieved. This is also a very interesting detail.

ZCash (ZEC) Wallet App

With zcash’s special application, it also provides its users with the advantage of being able to create wallets through this application. The addresses belonging to ZCash,  which start with a ‘t’, are similar to Bitcoin and can be seen by anyone. In addresses beginning with ‘z’, this situation stands out in the opposite way. Addresses beginning with “z” are called sheltered because they provide a high level of privacy and anonymity.

Where to Buy ZCash (ZEC)

It is possible to see ZEC on many cryptocurrency exchanges.  Thodex  ZCash, which is also the first domestic and US licensed crypto exchange in our country, provides great advantages to investments that are users when it comes to getting. ZEC  coins, like  Bitcoin,  Bitcoin are limited to a total of 21 million units. By opening a  Thodex  membership for free, you can make ZCash purchases seamlessly through trading tables and with a grocery  order.



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