• $85.31 USD Price
  • -98.01% ROI
  • #24 Market Rank
  • $417,018,473 USD 24 Hour Volume
  • 9,745,188 ZEC Circulating Supply
  • 9,745,188 ZEC Total Supply
  • 21,000,000 ZEC Max Supply
  • $18.94 USD
    (Mar 13, 2020)
    All Time High
  • $5,941.80 USD
    (Oct 29, 2016)
    All Time Low
  • $94.13 USD /
    $18.94 USD
    52 Week High / Low
  • $94.13 USD /
    $38.41 USD
    90 Day High / Low
  • $94.13 USD /
    $53.62 USD
    30 Day High / Low
  • $94.13 USD /
    $70.34 USD
    7 Day High / Low
  • $86.10 USD /
    $81.15 USD
    24 Hour High / Low
  • $84.43 USD /
    $81.15 USD
    Yesterday's High / Low



  1. Zcash is called special digital currency.
  2. Not everyone can see the details of your transactions with Zcash. All information is reserved for you to see.
  3. The information shown in the Blockchain system during transactions with Zcash does not show how much is transferred. In addition, the name of the person who makes the transaction will not appear.
  4. Recently, Zcash has gained rapid popularity and its total market share is determined as 826 million dollars.
  5. Zcash was launched in October 2016.
  6. The production of Zcash is possible. But unlike other crypto coins, Zcash uses a different mining system. The mining system used by Zcash is called founding award-winning mining.
  7. Installation and calculation are some of the features that are missing from Zcash's system. It is aimed to arrange these with a new project as soon as possible. The zk-SNARKS system is another project aimed at installing a repaired system.
  8. Zcash is a crypto coin that can be stored in Zcash Wallets.
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Are you ready to meet a new generation of virtual money that provides extra privacy thanks to cryptography technology? If yes, ZEC was created just for you. So, what is Zcash? ZEC is a permissionless crypt currency with a fully open system. As it is known, transactions made with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin can be monitored by everyone in Blockchain. Only official institutions cannot follow this information. For ZEC, users, the situation is slightly different. ZEC uses more complex software and thus provides higher security.

How To Buy ZCash?

If you want to see how to buy ZCash, you can go to Binance. About 20 percent of Zcash's assets are in the Binance system. Bit-Z also can be a good alternative for buying ZEC